Retractable banner stands, construction and operating details

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Retractable Banner Stands

construction and use details

Retractable banner stands are a convenient way to handle large display banners for meetings, trade shows and recruiting events.
The banner is pulled up out of the cassette and held in place with a support pole. After the show it re-rolls back into the cassette just as quickly.
The entire unit stores neatly in a padded carry bag and weighs just 5 pounds for the 33.5 inch wide stand and 7 pounds or the 39.4 inch wide stand.

retractable banner stand display, fronts
telescoping pole details

A back view of the banner stands reveals the pole that supports the banner.

The top banner bracket slips into the top of the pole.

The pole is three sections with shock cord running down the center. It goes together like a tent pole

The bottom of the pole slips into the case making it very stable

The feet are permanently attached to the cassette and simply rotate from storage position to display position.

retractable banner stand feet detail

fabric banner imprint detail
Knit polyester fabric banners:
  • Fine details reproduction (shown left).
  • Very durable.
  • Design is died into the fabric and will not scratch, crack or peal off.
  • No overprint or lamination needed.
  • Will not curl on the edges.
  • Easier to guide when retracting.
  • Banners can is Replacable
For travel or storage, everything fits into a padded nylon bag, with zippered top, handles and shoulder strap, included free with banner stand. retractable banner stand
Optional lighting system comes with a hard case for the 31 inch stand only. The case holds the banner stand, light (with one extra bulb) power pack and shoulder strap. For more information see retractable banner light / hard case. Retractable banner stand light and hard case
Optional Light and Hard Carry Case
Sample banner stand pictures
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